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Machines used in crankshaft production

Hegenscheidt-MFD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools for the automotive industry – specialising in crankshaft machining.

These innovative machines offer a great number of impressive economic and technological benefits:

  • Energy-saving, environmentally friendly machining processes
  • Low operating costs
  • High output
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High rate of machinery uptime
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Flexible machine concepts

The extensive product line ranges from machines for mass production to versions with a high level of variant flexibility for machining various crankshaft families.

Conversion is always performed simply, so that setup times are significantly reduced.

Global competition, climate protection and raw material shortages require that the automotive manufacturing industry develops its energy-efficient processes just as much as those used in new vehicles. It is a natural consequence for us to be producing our machine tools in a resource-friendly and environmentally compatible manner, and we are actively contributing to environmental and climate protection by working on new energy-saving technologies, operational procedures and tools for producing crankshafts which minimise the energy consumption in the production lines of our customers.