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Practical training programs at the trainee workshop

The Hegenscheidt-MFD trainee workshop offers various types of practical training programs. The student practical training program is used for professional orientation and is completed by the interested parties during the school holidays. Furthermore, pre-study and advanced practical training programs, which serve as a prerequisite for visiting the university, are included in the offer from the company.

“I applied for a 14-day practical training program at the Hegenscheidt-MFD trainee workshop, because I am interested in mechanical engineering and my cousin, who will be beginning his training as a technical draftsman in autumn here, raved about the company. After experiencing a very positive practical training program, I am hoping to be able to start as an apprentice at Hegenscheidt in the coming year.” Hendrik Boken, 15 years old / year 10, trainee in July/August 2011.

“In this year’s Erkelenz training fair, the Hegenscheidt-MFD stand was particularly appealing to me. I had the opportunity there to talk at length with the training instructors and then applied for a practical training program immediately afterwards. Now I really hope that I will be able to complete my training as an industrial mechanic at Hegenscheidt in the coming year.” Stefan Müller, 16 years old / year 10, trainee in July 2011.