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Cooperative engineering training (KIA)

Combined engineer training, also called cooperative engineering training (KIA), is among the courses on offer at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld. During his/her 4-year studies, the student receives training as a technical draftsman/woman and completes a degree in the field of mechanical engineering (process and design engineering) with the academic qualification “Bachelor of Engineering”.

Courses are arranged such that, during the first two years, the student is able to combine training at a company who takes on trainees (on three weekdays) with his/her studies at the university (on two weekdays). The first two course years will be concluded with the usual final exam before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The following two years will run as full-time studies, incl. a practical semester and the Bachelor’s thesis. When the courses have been completed, the engineers will use drafts to demonstrate how they envisage the constructive implementation of their ideas on new or further developments of products. In addition, they will develop the planning, perform calculations, contact subsuppliers and make price comparisons.

Precondition: A-levels or advanced technical college certificate.

For more information, please contact
Mr Michael Königs – Human Resources department at Hegenscheidt-MFD
e-mail: m.koenigs[at]de.heg.nshgroup.com