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Cutting machine operator

Cutting machine operators produce precision components for all types of technical products using machining processes. These components could be, for example, wheel hubs, toothed gears, threads or gear components, motor parts and turbine components. Cutting machine operators set up automated lathe, milling and grinding machines and write or modify CNC programs to do this. They then clamp the workpieces into the machines and start the operating process. They will always check whether the dimensions and surface quality of the manufactured workpieces meet the specifications. Should malfunctions arise, they determine their causes using suitable test procedures and test equipment and can find an immediate remedy. They also undertake maintenance and inspection work at the machines and check the mechanical components in particular.

A cutting machine operator is a recognised occupation that requires training as set out in the German Vocational Training Act (BBiG). The period of training is 3.5 years.

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