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Industrial mechanic

Industrial mechanics are employed in Production and Maintenance, where they ensure that machines and production plants are always ready for operation. They set them up and check that they are working correctly. To do so, they proceed in accordance with the correct test procedures, determine the causes of the malfunctions, order the appropriate spare parts – or produce them themselves – and carry out repair work. After the installation and inspection work has been completed, they will instruct their colleagues or the customers in the operation and handling of the machines. If they are deployed in the production of machines and precision manufacturing equipment, industrial mechanics will process metallic and plastic components in particular. They are just as familiar with machining techniques such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding and various joining techniques, e.g. welding and bolting, as they are with the installation and adjustment of components.

An industrial mechanic is a recognised occupation that requires training as set out in the German Vocational Training Act (BBiG). The period of training is 3.5 years.

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