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Mechatronists build complex mechatronic systems out of mechanical, electrical and electronic components. They produce the individual components and install them in systems and plants. They put the finished plants into operation and program or install the associated software. In the process, they will refer to circuit diagrams and design drawings and carefully check the plants before they are handed over to the customers.

A mechatronist is a recognised occupation that requires training as set out in the German Vocational Training Act (BBiG). The period of training is 3.5 years.

Training also in the form of KIA cooperative engineering training
Combined engineer training, also called cooperative engineering training (KIA), is among the courses on offer at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld. During his/her 4-year studies, the student receives training as a mechatronist and completes a degree in the field of mechanical engineering with the academic qualification “Bachelor of Engineering”.

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