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Hegenscheidt-MFD: 15 new APPRENTICES starting their working lives
15 new apprentices are now striding through the factory gates of the Erkelenz machine tool company, Hegenscheidt-MFD, each morning. The company is therefore continuing a tradition that has now lasted for decades: The training of specialists for their own, constantly growing need for specialists.

For decades now, the company has been training an above-average amount of young people in various occupations that require training. Alone in the last 10 years, over 100 youths were able to successfully conclude their training programs. The group of Hegenscheidt apprentices currently accounts for a good 11% of the overall workforce. In total, 48 young people are currently completing a training course at Hegenscheidt-MFD in the following professions: industrial mechanic, cutting machine operator, mechatronist, electronics technician, technical product designer and industrial clerk. The occupations that require training, i.e. industrial mechanic, mechatronist, electronics technician and technical product designer are also offered in the form of combined studies.











Employees as the strongest success factor

The Hegenscheidt-MFD managing partner, John Oliver Naumann, was also very satisfied about the commitment shown towards high-quality vocational training. “In the potential of well-trained specialists, we are not only seeing a significant locational advantage in a high-wage country like Germany, but also a necessity: It is only with well-trained specialists that a company like us, which is producing technologically sophisticated products, will survive on the world markets.” A large amount of those currently employed, he added, were recruited via the vocational training courses offered by the company. Many families are also represented by several specialist generations at Hegenscheidt-MFD. “Once vocational training has been completed successfully, many paths are open to the graduates within our company, right up to management level.  This is why today, former trainees are holding positions such as department manager, foreman, group and team leader and shift supervisor through appropriate advanced training.

At the moment, six employees of the company – of those, two are full-time employees – are occupied with the training courses for the various departments. These instructors are also committing themselves to activities outside the company, i.e. through their commitment on the selection boards at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, for high-quality vocational training. This is one of the reasons why Hegenscheidt APPRENTICES complete their training with very successful results and because of the extraordinarily intensive support they are given. One or even several apprentices regularly receive awards as the best of his/her age-group at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Aachen.

The company supports young people even beyond the classic combined vocational training. Each year, a large number of trainees are accepted by the various education organisations, advanced technical colleges and universities as well as the general education schools for career choice orientation.

Technology with tradition: As a machine construction company, Hegenscheidt-MFD is one of the world market’s leaders in the railway and automotive business areas. The company is part of the Niles-Simmons Hegenscheidt Group (NSH Group), which is among the 50 largest machine tool manufacturers in the world and which combines more than 175 years of experience of machine tool construction in Germany and the US. Hegenscheidt-MFD currently employs 437 people at the Erkelenz site; of those, 48 are trainees.

Photo (from left to right)
Mr Michael Königs – Personnel manager
Mr Andreas Hetterle – Instructor
Mr Frank Risters – Mechanical design manager (instructor)
Mr Fabian Schulz – Industrial mechanic apprentice
Mr Jens Beckers – Industrial mechanic apprentice (combined studies)
Mr Tobias Kox – Cutting machine operator apprentice
Mr Mario Engels – Industrial mechanic apprentice
Mr Alexander Schmitz – Industrial mechanic apprentice
Mr Kai Lausberg – Cutting machine operator apprentice
Mr Hendrik Abzug – Cutting machine operator apprentice
Mr Lars Müller – Technical product designer apprentice (combined studies)
Mr Thomas Hilgers – Industrial clerk apprentice
Mr Peter Krekels – Mechatronist apprentice
Mr Christian Mülders – Technical product designer apprentice (combined studies)
Mr Lars Paassens – Mechatronist apprentice
Mr Thomas Zaunbrecher – Electronics technician apprentice (combined studies)
Ms Hannah Gier – Technical product designer apprentice (combined studies)
Mr Nils Märtens – Mechatronist apprentice (combined studies)
Dr Winfried Büdenbender – CEO
Mr Achim Heldens – Manager for industrial vocational training
Mr Christian Frentzen – Instructor

Jacqueline Drescher, Press and Public Relations, Hegenscheidt-MFD
Contact: presse@hegenscheidt-mfd.de – mobil: 0177.33 93 630

European Football Championships 2012 – Lambertusmarkt Erkelenz on 09 June, 2012 – The Germany vs Portugal game Impressions of Public Viewing – Sponsored by Hegenscheidt-MFD

Photos: Kultur GmbH Erkelenz

The President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Bert Wirtz, awards examinees with top marks Hegenscheidt-MFD examinees achieve the grade “very good”

With outstanding results, the apprentices Michael Bronckhorst, industrial mechanic, and Heinrich Pfaffenrot, cutting machine operator on lathes, have achieved something that all apprentices dream about: They have completed their training with the near-perfect grade of “very good”. For this special performance, they received an award in a ceremony together with 95 other “very good” examination candidates from the President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Bert Wirtz, at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Aachen.

 Photos: Andreas Herrmann