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Auxiliary Tow-Truck

Auxiliary tow-trucks are used for moving vehicles in which important parts of the travelling gear are defective. The individual components of the auxiliary tow-truck can be assembled on the site. The damaged vehicle can then be hauled to the nearest workshop for repair. Auxiliary tow trucks are basically produced as single items which are then adapted to the requirements of the vehicle to be hauled, taking into account any obstruction there may be in the track area.


Tragkraft (kN)< 170< 160< 120170 - 280280 - 380
Kurvenradius (m)> 30> 18> 10> 50> 80
Empfohlene Schleppgeschwindigkeit:
- auf gerader Strecke40 km/h40 km/h40 km/h40 km/h40 km/h
- im Kurvenbereich20 km/h10 km/h10 km/h20 km/h20 km/h
- im Weichenbereich10 km/h6 km/h6 km/h10 km/h10 km/h
Gesamtgewicht (kg)80 - 14080 - 140120 - 150150 - 180300 - 400