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Repairs, maintenance, training


Machine tools are subject to unavoidable wear. Despite all our efforts, our machines are no exception here. So when it comes to necessary interventions, avoid unnecessary risks and rely on Hegenscheidt’s experienced and proven team of experts. Repairs adapted to your requirements will get you back to your familiar levels of productivity and availability. We repair using original parts, at affordable prices and with a warranty.

Maintenance and maintenance contracts

Hegenscheidt offers you a wide range of maintenance activities and maintenance contracts. Within the framework of cyclical maintenance intervals, our technicians replace your machine’s wearing parts upon request, thus keeping them intact. Preventive maintenance and servicing measures help you to avoid unplanned stoppages.

Training courses

In order to exploit the full potential of your machine, qualified and trained operating and maintenance personnel are highly important. So take advantage of this opportunity and bring your team up to the latest technical standard. We teach valuable practical knowledge for more effective machine handling, and thus secure you a technological edge. To this end, HEGENSCHEIDT-MFD offers you a variety of training options, whether at your location and directly on your own machine, or at Hegenscheidt’s main plant. From operator training to an individual training programme customised for your requirements – anything is possible!