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Crankshaft milling machine types N20 CM and NC30 CM

The NILES-SIMMONS crankshaft milling centres N20 CM and N30 CM are based on the modular building-block system of the N-series. Two symmetrically arranged workpiece spindles with electronically synchronised torque drives and two compact, powerful milling units ensure rough and finish milling operations on crankshaft main and pin bearing journals by means of these milling centres. The electronic linking and high-precision interpolation of the spindle tool system and special correction strategies allow the reliable production of high-precision bearing geometries.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable dry milling of bearing geometries, cheeks and counterweight contours and other concentric and eccentric features using one or two external cylindrical milling machines
  • Customised clamping solutions with integrated or separate radial orientation of the workpieces
  • Up to two NC positioned steady rests
  • Semi-automatic tool clamping, tool data can be automatically transferred using an ID chip

Crankshaft Milling CM

AusführungN20 CMN30 CM
Nennlänge1000 mm1500 / 2500 mm
Umlaufdurchmesser Querschlittenführung 650 mm780 mm
Max. Werkstücklänge500 mm800 / 1800 mm
Haupt- und Gegenspindel
Drehspindelkpf DIN 55026 (Größe)A8A11
Drehspindelbohrung 80 mm102 mm
Drehspindeldurchmesser im vorderen Lager 150 mm170 mm
Linker und rechter Kreuzschlitten
Eilgang plan / längs30 / 40 m/min18 / 30 m/min
Werkzeugsystem rechts / links
Werkzeugaufnahme DIN 55026A11A11
Werkzeugdurchmesser700 mm700 mm
Max. Leistung (S1-100% ED)2 x 29 kW2 x 29 / 2 x 63 kW