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Underfloor wheelset lathe type U2000-150

CNC-controlled, automatic measuring system

Fields of application and uses

The U2000-150 is a universally applicable, dynamically rigid and operator- and service-friendly wheelset lathe. It represents the state of the art in wheelset machining technology. The machine’s high degree of utilization, precision, long service life and minimal maintenance costs guarantee ideal cost-effectiveness.


HEGENSCHEIDT-MFD underfloor wheelset lathes machine wheelsets of light rail vehicles in the installed and dismantled state by reprofiling to the highest degree of accuracy. The machine is operated by a means of a central control panel so that the operator has continuous access to all machine functions in an ideal working position. During machining, the operator is protected from flying chips. The automated machining takes most of the work out of the operator’s hands, making the machine easy to operate.

A tandem version – U2000-150D – is also available for the simultaneous machining of wheelsets in bogies with mechanically non-coupled axles.


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