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Mobile wheelset lathe MOBITURN® 2


Field of application and uses

As a part of the essential maintenance of rail vehicles, wheelset profile repairs represent a high cost factor. Vehicle maintenance is subject to the permanent process of cost minimization while ensuring the necessary maintenance quality. In order to improve competitiveness, new maintenance processes and corresponding technology concepts are needed and developed.

The result contributes towards improved, demand-oriented vehicle maintenance with short rolling-stock downtimes and high rolling-stock availability, for considerably higher economic efficiency in maintenance.

MOBITURN®2 comes to the rail vehicle

MOBITURN®2 is the world’s first and only wheelset machining system which comes to the rail vehicle. MOBITURN®2 has been specifically designed for the machining of wheels, wheelsets and brake discs of rail vehicles in both the installed and dismantled state.

MOBITURN®2 – for flexible use

MOBITURN®2 can be transported by rail or road to various deployment locations. If required, it is moved from a standby position with a shifting vehicle on the track network to the respective assigned location.


Download more information on the MOBITURN® 2 as a PDF